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Дневник > The old man  2 октября 2013 г. 03:31:05

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The old man

daniels 2 октября 2013 г. 03:31:05
 For decades of adobe disappeared, replace sb. Is bright and spacious cement tile room. Like many times, she still and neighborhood who sit in the gate a chatting. Many times before, I'm not approached, she rose and looked out, call my name, my heart glad be her. But this time I was standing in the front of her, she did not recognize me, next to the neighbors also wondering eyes watching this some fat young man.
Hello, she was surprised to have a body, with her bark, rough hand on my hand and said: you're back!? Tone, eyes, full of surprise and joy. The sudden emergence of she did not think of, especially to see I have changed, become a father, she is really happy for me. Next to have forgotten the name of the elder kept staring at me, know to what is, a trial of strength of one: the original skinny, now have a good day.
When grandmother into the yard, small aunt is washing the clothes, the children are holding a gun and yard. See me, is surprised, surprised and a little strange, instant and laughter in the open. The house was a beautiful, clean the yard is smaller than before, a small garden, installed a solar take a shower room, this is a new life for their hands.
Sitting in the belongs to the grandmother's room, the warm sun shines in from the South window. And she talked about the daily chores, to her daughter's photo. Look for a long time, she just like me. See her body fortunately, smiled and said she would live to age 100 or older. She smiled back at me, too old horribIe, are too busy to go out to make money, I live so busy doing? Grandma this? Asked if she could not remember, aunt said about Jiushisansi. In short, she is now the home of the oldest. This old man, now it is to take care of himself, his sons and daughters in law were too busy to go out to work to make money, she would buy their noodles steamed buns cook instant noodles, but also to take care of two school grandchildren, sometimes it even oneself all can't come over, more than 70 big daughter to take care of his old mother, one to have entered the age of the elderly, so cuddle, and after a day of empty life.
Although these years do not always go home, but I've been thinking about old grandmother, worried that she would have no omen ground away from us, after all, nearly 100 year old she, the river in the body do not know when it quietly dry off. No man's house is not like home, like the old village like trees, know many secrets of the village, guarding the village original warmth. Besides, grandma gave me a warm too much, in my father go after a long winter, grandma again and again the children honor her money saved slipped us. In the deep cave, grandma also countless times will keep food to take to my friends. In the decade of the kerosene lamp beside, grandma always touched my stubborn head sighs and tears, hate to be our mother unfair fate. Now the rain stopped, we all walk away.
Winter for grandma is cruel, almost every long cold, cough as endless thorns from her old body wear out, echoed in the deep dark night, fall in every corner around the house like rain. The sharp cough, with the body organ decaying breath, as if to terminate their responsibility, so in a time of earthquake swings let life cease abruptly. I was so frightened at night, secretly thinking of a cold ending in bed, watching the grandmother that night in the dark but to wait for the dawn. And wake up, looked at grandma still safe and sound in reality, my heart finally put down. So, with this looks deadly cough, grandma to another age.
Lunch a few bowl poured soup, take a nap, cousin arousal is already primary school. He had a strong interest in the big camera in my bag, put all his toys and bring it back to me one one pictures, of course, did not forget to give himself to a few. He likes, I taught him basic photograph method. Look at his sweaty excitedly holding the camera look, I am reminded of their own small, have never seen objects that kind of curiosity and fascination, but often fail to meet the kind of loss. Fortunately, we grew up, not all therefore distort the blame to face all around, I always think, I experienced the cold loss should not respond to others, we should learn to each other warm, in the long journey of life will not be lonely.

Дневник > The old man  2 октября 2013 г. 03:31:05

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