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Дневник > Cake

суббота, 20 июля 2013 г.
I love cake daniels 04:33:34
 I thought, today's dinner should eat very good, but the fact is not true. Husband and daughter refused to eat the cake, and said they can't be dry weight. But a few days later, they also don't eat her, willing to eat steamed buns, pancakes or other things. The result is a person I eat for several days she ate, the final straight I ate very tired.
However, I have no memory, next time you smell the fragrance, will go to buy, buy a lot of, the straight himself sick. Not long time will go to buy......
One straight time, I on the cake has a special love, every day she is my dream of food!
When I was young, don't have enough to eat, don't even talk, eat the cake, just heard, and occasionally also seen.
Slightly larger point, good condition some, can occasionally eat a little cake, it is a little rough production points made, and unlike real cake!
School is out of the house to the township, to read, to read the book, know to there are more good things to eat, but I still think constantly of reminds me of you slobber cake!
But this time, I also know a word "there will be bread, milk will be some".
In my mind, the cake is than bread, milk is also good things. I will use this sentence to motivate yourself, study hard, the future that everything will have!
Thank God! I finally get admitted to their favorite teachers college.
Read during the college and I ate a lot of bread to eat with!
Most of the time, just to see the bread, the door opened, we will go to buy to eat, and the next one meal do not eat.
The cake is not many, one is necessarily less, two is also more expensive.
After work, finally have their own money, I often buy some snacks to take home to his family to eat, eat yourself. But because of working in the countryside, bread, cake is very rare, with low wages, eat or little!
It is the beginning of a few years ago, wages rose, work in place, the house is bought, the loan is repaid, only a little money left to buy something delicious. Of course, the cake is my dream of, I would buy as long as there is a chance! But because there is a little expensive, every time buy but not too much!
Why is husband and daughter doesn't like to eat the cake?
The daughter said, now eat too much, what delicious cake?
Think carefully, it is the ocean, now eat too much cake in their eyes, these there is nothing!
However, can I play, too.

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Дневник > Cake

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